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  • Alumni

    Rich Lackey and Mark Struck

    THE INFAMOUS BIOLA EGG Stories of the Biola Egg abound. Some are true and we would guess some are a bit apocryphal. The egg was created for school spirit. A mixture of railroad steel and cement, it weighs hundreds of pounds and has to make an appearance in each semester to at least 50% of the student body. The goal is to be the class or group that owns it. The egg's original story stated that it could not be taken outside of set area around Biola's campus. Well, for years the egg went missing. People remembered the time it was pulled on a cart behind the chapel speaker in the gym and the whole gym emptied in pursuit of the egg (poor guest speaker!). Another time it was apparently flown over the campus dangling from a helicopter. But the egg was gone until a group of quad mates uncovered the fact that the egg had been kept in a garage of a Biolan who had gone off to Viet Nam and did not return. In 1975, the egg was rediscovered by the gang-of-eight from a quad of Stewart Hall. It was brought into the quad in the dead of night, but how to show it to the school? Well, back in the 70's (yes, believe it or not) there used to be a yellow line painted in the parking lot in front of Stewart Hall and ladies were not permitted to cross that line and enter the men's dorm expect on Open House nights. So that was it...display it at Open House when most people still did not know the full story. The quad-mates decorated the quad with style (yes, "style" is a word we used back then) and the egg was sitting right in the room of Rick and Scott for all to see. Scott served on the Biola Chimes newspaper and took a photo of the egg at Open House with my girlfriend (Mark’s wife of 30 years—Vivian) sitting right in front of the trunk and her best friend, Jeri (Ladd) Cress, seated on top of the egg. In Friday's edition of the Chimes the whole school got to see the egg and many could not believe they were inches away from it at the Open House. Well, the egg was now "out of carton" and had to be moved. So before it could be stolen, the quad-mates decided to paint it. But after painting it we knew we had to hide it so we wrapped it in a blanket. Dumb idea! After peeling the blanket away later that day, the whole egg was look like a Chia Pet! That night the quad mates lifted the egg up to the rail of their balcony (this is top front floor of Stewart Hall) and dropped the egg over fully expecting it to hit the dirt below and sit there to be moved. No...not quite. In horror the egg hit the grass below and started tumbling toward the cars in the parking lot. Eight Biola men scrambled for the stairs but before they could reach the egg it rolled into a car. Fortunately, it rolled under the bumper and just lifted the car, but it was quite the chore to lift the car enough to roll the egg back out. The egg disappeared into the night and back in circulation. Stories still abound about the egg. Some say it still exists. Others say it fell apart and had to be remade. Who really knows all the true stories? But the Biola Egg was back! (Yes, we even had real rifles in our dorm rooms back then!) Now, if you want to hear how two Biola men ("Who could they be, Rich?" "I don't know, Mark") wired the entire South and Stewart Hall dorms and played "Rock Around the Clock" at 2.00am in every room of the dorms...well, that story will be for another time. Rich Lackey and Mark Struck (1978)