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  • Class of 1962

    Timothy Schwepker

    My name is Timothy Schwepker.  I am the son of Paul Schwepker who was a Biola V.P. for a while.  The irony is the I was actually the very first Schwepker to attend Biola, even though brothers , sisters, and nephews and nieces followed.  I started Biola at the downtown campus listening to Gordon Hooker play the chimes every day.  I remember the guys standing on the roof of Church of the Open Door singing Christmas Carols to the girls in the girls dorm.   One day they took the student body at the time out the property that would become the La Mirada many can say the they saw it when it was just bare ground.   I can.
    When I moved La Mirada (does anyone remember that the town was called Mirada Hills for a short period of time?) I lived in the apartments.  One semester I was the Biolan editor, which put me on the student council.  My roomates were the student body president, the student body V.P., the SMU president, and the SMU v.p.  It was this group the hatched a scheme known as the Round Robin Five.  The idea was to shake the myth that just because a guy and girl were seen together means that they were "serious".  So we picked five girls to join the plot, and on Monday one guy and girl would be seen together all day.  Tuesday we would rotate and follow the same plan. We figured that by Friday the campus would be "talking" if not more.However, the Moday the plan was to start, the girls called it off, claiming the we guys had ulterior motives....we did in our choice of girls, so.....   Notice that I am not naming the other parties, except to say the at least two of them went on to professorships at Biola.