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Do you have a Biola story you want to share? Your experience is unique and only you could share it.  So we want to hear from you! Tell us a story that captures your Biola experience - it could be inspirational, miraculous, humorous or life changing - you decide, then tell it!

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  • Jerrianne Smith

    I am not a Biola grad, but a staff member of the Kinesiology, Health and Physical Education department. My Biola experience has not been very long, but has so far been an incredible experience. Coming out of 30+ years as a secretary in the secular corporate world, from my first day as a Biola employee, I could feel a profound difference just walking around this campus. It had a peaceful tranquility that I could neither explain or describe. I am still in awe of the different facets that I continue to discover being here everyday. I experienced a higher level of discovery and awe when my husband, Dennis, had a heart attack and people from Dr. Cook down came forward with prayer, kind words, and loving support. Icing on the cake are 2 wonderful bosses (Dr. Marc Apkarian and Dr. Walt Stangl) and the many students that I have the privilege of coming in contact with everyday.

  • Class of 1978

    Sharon Schliep

    I was a married, commuting student who became pregnant during my senior year. Morning sickness and fatigue made my classes and workload even more challenging, but my teachers were great. Bill Niblette ... > Read Story

  • Class of 2004

    Carisa Hernandez

    When I was a freshman in high school I had my heart set on Stanford.  But, my youth pastor talked up HIS alma mater soooo much that by my senior year I knew that BIOLA was the place for me.  ... > Read Story

  • Class of 1979

    Lori Shanebeck

    I was a very new Christian, having accepted Christ when I was 15. I was not raised in a Christian home, so all of it was very new to me. However, I knew that I wanted to come to Biola very much. I had ... > Read Story

  • Class of 2007

    Ken McMahon

    I re-discovered my purpose in Christ when my first BOLD instructor Sara Mau said; "People have been created in the image of God, so we better treat them as such!" My life is about finding, nourishing ... > Read Story

  • Secretary Auxiliary Services

    Ruth Punt

    For the dedication of the Crowell School of Business on Friday, April 27, 2007 my experience began as I walked up to the area that had been set up for Chapel, and I heard the joyful music of the Brass ... > Read Story

  • Class of 1972

    Todd Lewis

    As the new semester began in the fall of 1967, the United States was embroiled in a frustrating war in Southeast Asia.   Added troops were needed and since the draft lottery had been instituted ... > Read Story

  • Class of 2005

    Jeff Hill

    I found many ways to meet people and become involved in a variety of activities on campus.  There was so much opportunity for me to learn about different ways people think. It was the perfect place ... > Read Story

  • Secretary of Math/Computer Sciences

    Marty Myers

    As new parents, my husband and I came to Whittier CA from Ohio to be closer to family.  It was February 1971, two days before the huge Sylmar earthquake.  We had no idea what was happening when ... > Read Story

  • Class of 1962

    Timothy Schwepker

    My name is Timothy Schwepker.  I am the son of Paul Schwepker who was a Biola V.P. for a while.  The irony is the I was actually the very first Schwepker to attend Biola, even though brothers ... > Read Story

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